Who will be my tenants?

All your roommates will be students like you. So you can share your rental experience with peers of your own sex carefully selected to best spend your stay in our apartments.

The tenants of our apartments are committed to respecting the basic rules that can ensure a good cohabitation, and a peaceful, conducive place to study. At the same time, the presence of peers and an accurate structuring of the spaces will allow you to better enjoy your moments of leisure.

Which environment I will find?

Not only tranquility and comfort guaranteed by a careful interior design of common and private spaces: we pay particular attention to the hygiene aspect of our housing solutions.For this reason, every fifteen days a cleaning company will take care of the careful sanitation of the bathrooms, the kitchen and the common areas of the apartment.

How will be my flat?

All Aluna apartments are furnished in a young and creative style. The aspect of interior design is never neglected, because we want our environments to be perfect for the type of users who will live there.

Each room is equipped with all the necessary amenities to relax and concentrate on the studio, while the common area will allow you to share moments of leisure with your friends.

In which area of ​​Milan will I live?

The Aluna apartments are located in an area of ​​Milan that not only allows you to reach the universities in maximum comfort, either on foot or by public transport, but also extremely safe and quiet.

The capillary presence of underground, bus and tram will also allow you to explore and experience the city in a practical and comfortable way: this is why the Aluna apartments are the perfect headquarters for university students.

How many time can I stay in the flat?

The Aluna apartments can be inhabited for very variable periods, starting from a few months up to the entire duration of your university course.

The contract you will stipulate with ALUNA.IT will be personal and tied to your room and you can cancel it at any time without any restrictions to your roommates.

We offer you the perfect location to dedicate yourself completely to the studio without having to worry about anything else. This is how we support you in building your future.

If something is not right?

In case something inside the apartment does not work, you can always count on the assistance guaranteed by Aluna and her team of dedicated professionals.

You can therefore contact us at any time to tell us about faults, malfunctions or critical issues of any kind: we will always be ready to listen to you.

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