Milan to share is a co-living company that offers university students, interns, recent graduates and young workers a wide range of accommodation, such as private flats or shared rooms for medium to long term periods.

For over 10 years has been offering worry-free and ready for use solutions, with personalised services. is also an opportunity for homeowners and for people who want to invest in real estate.
A reliable partner that makes the process of finding a tenant easier and more reliable.

Milan to share

Travel as if you were at home:
Solutions for tourists provides accommodation also for short stays.
Travellers and tourists will find professionalism and enthusiasm, offering them an excellent hospitality experience and helping to make their stay, or holiday, unique and unforgettable!

Earn from your property,

For private owners and investors in real estate, offers all-round real estate management: from the search and selection of possible tenants to the bureaucratic and economic management of the agreement. The profit from the rental is assured and guaranteed, and the property will be looked after and managed for the duration of the agreement.

Our numbers:

  • 80+ properties managed
  • 350+ beds
  • 1,500+ tenants in 10 years
  • >95% average occupancy.

Our mission

Re-thinking the short-, medium- and long-term rental model to offer our clients accommodation that meets their needs: ready for use, with high quality standards, logistically convenient and safe. And offering landlords a profitable, easy and guaranteed way of renting out their property.


Our vision

We believe in mobility, in sharing and in different people living together as a source of personal and cultural enrichment; we want to simplify those people’s lives, creating the ideal conditions so that when they move for reasons of study, work or leisure, they will always feel at home.