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About Us

About Us
ALUNA.IT srl is a company whose mission is the management of apartments for rent to university students, interns, new graduates… Not being a real estate agency, it does not require the usual rental commissions. Each apartment is chosen in the Milan area for universities and for younger students. It is equipped with everything necessary and furnished according to a young style and easy to manage and maintain. Each apartment has a number of bathrooms available. Each student has a contract just from that of his roommates that relieves him from collective commitments with strangers. The organization of ALUNA.IT is constantly listening to the problems of its tenants and it is ready for a distant intervention companies trust companies in a timely and effective manner and economic conditions without surprises. The stay at the ALUNA.IT apartments has been recommended for younger and inexperienced students who for the first time leave home for long periods of time. Start 2014, ALUNA.IT srl has now under management about forty apartments for a total of 170 beds. Over the years it has hosted over 600 tenants.

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