Frequently Asked Question

Your flatmates will be students, just like you. Therefore you’ll be able to share your experience with carefully selected people.

They are going to respect the apartment’s basic rules, which guarantee a good coexistence and a calm and peaceful environment conducive to study. At the same time, the housemates’ homogeneity and the accurate structuring of the common areas will allow you to enjoy your free time to the utmost.

You’ll find tranquility and comfort, guaranteed by a curated interior design. Moreover, we pay particular attention to our housing solutions’ hygiene, hence why a cleaning company will take care of the sanitization of all the common areas twice a month.

Aluna apartments are furnished in a young and creative style. The interior design is never neglected because we want the environments to perfectly fit the type of person who’s going to live in them.

Each room is equipped with all the comforts you need to relax and concentrate on studying, while the common areas allow you to spend the best times with your friends.

Aluna apartments are located in safe and quiet neighborhoods that allow you to reach the universities in comfort, both walking and using the public transports.

The underground, buses and trams will allow you to explore and experience the city in a practical and comfortable way.

These are the reasons why our apartments are the perfect headquarters for university students.

Aluna apartments can be rented for very variable periods, starting from a few months up to the entire duration of your university career.

The contract you sign with ALUNA.IT is personal and linked to your room, so that you can cancel It at any given time without obligations towards your flatmates.

We offer you the perfect location to dedicate yourself to studying, without you worrying about anything else. This is our way of supporting you building your future.

In the event of something breaking inside the apartment, you can always count on the assistance guaranteed by Aluna and Its team of dedicated professionals.

Therefore you can contact us at any time to inform us of breakdowns, malfunctions or critical issues of any kind; we will always listen to you.